Sean is a restless wanderer, always yearning for something just out of reach. When his inability to settle in one place results in the end of a serious relationship, he begins to fear the possibility that words said in anger may have predicted his future: you’re gonna die alone.

On one of his adventures, Sean is trapped in a sudden blizzard. He’s rescued from the brink of death by Ezra, a mysterious, oddly dressed man for whom the cold holds no danger. Sean is shocked when the instant physical attraction between them reveals the impossible: a glimpse into Ezra’s very soul.

Ezra, haunted by unspeakable tragedy, is a truly unsettled wanderer – far from both his home and his own time. For one night, in a tiny cabin deep in the wintry woods, these two lonely souls will find refuge in each other, and the strength to keep moving down the long road home.

This 12,000 word (558 Kindle locations and approximately 31 pages) paranormal romance story contains explicit sex between men and some violent war imagery.

Icicle is currently available on Amazon US and all its international sites, as well as Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.